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Investment in south america development countries

Investment for developing countries

Make your own south america  development world investment in a few clicks! Invexpa creates excelent oportunities for your money welth helping you cut down the ROI time by providing you with a flexible investment fund in a part quotation participation. Invexpa is one of the easiest investment fund to development social and eco alternatives available today. It also gives you the freedom to develop as many projects as you like given the fact that you are really helping necessities and growing new forms of healthy business.


Rise the best choice when applying your money in our projects.

Waste to energy plants

our projects fill perfectly for the different city sizes 

Waste recycling plants help solve various problems at the same time. From environmental degradation through soil contamination to the spread of contaminating diseases or vectors. By contributing to one of our waste plants you will be directly saving the environment and the lives of various species.

Solar power plants

one of the most eco friendly energy solution

Solar power plants are known worldwide for being green and producing clean energy. According to new studies, still in progress, even the ground below the plates is renewed thanks to lower direct solar incidence, even helping reduce global warming.

Hydroelectric power plants

small hydroelectric power plants

Small hydroelectric plants have a significantly lowered environmental impact besides being renewable sources of energy. The projects we sustain are based in small reservatories with water access guarantee and ambiental licences.